Nurturing Wellness With Aromatherapy


Life’s challenges can drain our energy and make us feel off balance.  There are many things that can improve our quality of life despite all the demands.  Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, developing good sleeping habits, or squeezing in a brisk walk can help alleviate some the pressure of stress.  You should also consider trying to balance your energy.

All day long we are taking energy in and putting energy out.  There are times we expend more energy than we can afford, or we are not taking in enough nourishment to produce energy.  Nourishment doesn’t come from food alone, but also in the many ways we process with our senses. Balancing energy involves using multiple sets of tools to get in touch with your mind, body, and spirit.  Once you start paying attention to where you are losing energy and trying methods of balancing that energy loss, you will gradually begin to feel the positive effects in your daily life.


Our favorite energy-balancing tool is aromatherapy.  Our sense of smell is the only sense directly linked to the brain’s emotional processing center, the limbic system.  There are hundreds of essential oils available with different properties to address specific areas.  We suggest going with pre-made formulas at first until you learn more about essential oils.  Aveda’s Balancing Pure-Fume Mists are perfectly blended to meet a variety of needs.

How does Aveda do this?  They use the wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine, which is an ancient healing art of India.  They developed seven essential oil blends based on an energy systems located within the human body.  These systems are called “Chakras” and each one of these centers regulate different types of energy. As with essential oils, gradually learning about how imbalances of the Chakras will affect you may take some time.  That is why Aveda’s aroma blends are so amazing, since it will take the guesswork out of it for you. is a site that will guide you through a series of steps to find your balance through a choice from seven chakra cards. The seven cards are titled as wisdom, nourished, intention, expressive, grounded, harmony, and insight. Once you have chosen the card whose title, color, and symbol most attracts you, then you can then begin to take action into complementing your balance. Depending on the card you have chosen you will be given a Wellness Ritual with an overview, meditation, mantra, breath, and nutrition insight. Each energy card also suggests a specific aroma, element, and color for you to take pleasure in.

Becky, one of our front desk coordinators visited to assess her aromatherapy needs.  It is a priority for Becky to stay connected with herself as well as family and friends.  Positivity, empathy, and kindness are qualities she strongly values.  She also feels a strong connection to nature.  At home she has lots of plants inside and outside to help bring peace, harmony, and renewal.  An infusion of pure essential oils of sandalwood, organic mandarin and palmarosa in Chakra #4, Harmony, will leave Becky feeling well-balanced in these areas that are so important to her.  When we are unable to stay balanced in ways that reflect our values and desires, it creates damaging stress in our bodies.

She also was drawn to Chakra #6, the center of intuition, imagination, and perception.  Becky finds that using aromatherapy to help her unwind after a busy day is very effective.  It helps prevent overthinking, reconnects her with herself and restores mental and physical balance.  In contemplating future plans it helps open mental blocks and allows Becky to be more intuitive, imaginative and an have an open perspective.

Use the Mister Chakra system to choose your fragrance or stop in anytime to take a sensory journey through all seven chakra blends.  One of the best ways to know what path to take in correcting our energetic balance is letting our senses guide us.  What we are drawn to is often exactly what we are need.  A great book written by the founder of Aveda called Rejuvenation: A Wellness Guide For Women And Men is filled with guidance on aromatherapy and other ways to balance your energy.