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Why Aveda Is Amazing For Textured Hair

Why Aveda Is Amazing For Textured Hair The results are in! Aveda’s new and innovative products are getting thumbs up all the way! Our textured hair clients are LOVING Aveda and leaving with moisturized, healthy hair and managing to maintain their look at home after they leave. Our stylists are enjoying the endless possibilities and… Read more »


What Is The Skinification of Hair?

When it comes to our skin, we all know that choosing the right products, establishing self-care routines, and layering products are all important. Applying these same principles to hair care is the best way to get the healthy hair we all dream of and get the most out of our products.


New From Aveda

We all love and cherish our old Aveda classics, but there is always something new to discover from our favorite plant-based and cruelty-free beauty care.  Aveda’s dedication to continually advancing in superior product technology becomes more impressive with each year.  So here’s a quick update on what they gave us in 2021.   nutriplenish™ masque… Read more »