5 Reasons To Get A Leg Wax This Summer

Growing tired of trying to maintain short-term and ineffective shaving results at home?


5 Reasons To Wax Your Legs This Summer

  1. BETTER COVERAGE! Waxing will end the annoyance of missing hard to reach spots or not cutting hair down enough when shaving.
  2. MORE TIME FOR YOU! Shaving is time-consuming and tedious. Your appointments will be weeks or a couple of months apart, which is overall a smaller time commitment than trying to shave your legs every day, or multiple times a week.
  3. LASTS LONGER! No “next-day stubble”. Since waxing removes hair at the root, hair takes longer to grow back.
  4. BETTER REGROWTH! The more frequently you wax your legs, the less your hair will grow back. It may also be softer, finer, and sparser over time.
  5. SMOOTHER SKIN! Shaving can easily cause skin irritation, razor bumps, razor burn, cuts, and ingrown hairs that linger.  Frequent shaving can also cause skin discoloration in more delicate areas of the skin, including the front and back of your knees or ankles, where skin is thinner.

Are you ready to make that move and book your leg wax appointment?  It’s so easy to start!



5 Ways to Prepare For Your Leg Wax Appointment

  1. LET IT GROW: We recommends your hair be the length of a grain of rice for easier removal.
  2. CLEANSE: Take a shower before your appointment.  Hot water makes your pores open, which makes hair removal easier. Too hot of a shower can dry out your skin so make sure you pick a temperature that works for you.

  3. EXFOLIATE: Not aggressively. A mild exfoliation on your legs before the appointment.
  4. INSPECT YOUR LEGS: Chapped skin, sunburns, new scars, and open sores should not be waxed. If you have any broken skin, think about rescheduling your appointment to prevent further damage or irritation.
  5. WEAR SHORTS: If it makes you uncomfortable to be undressed, feel free to wear shorts that can be pushed up if needed.


Yes, we all loathe shaving. Whether it’s a full leg wax or half leg wax, you may never look back after tossing the razor…never shaving again!
Now all you need to do is figure out what to do with all that free time!